What Is Infinitology?

Infinitology is the study of infinity. Most people believe that the more we learn, the more we know. We believe the opposite to be true. There are many world-changing secrets left to discover which will only be found by relentless, open-minded searchers.

The Infinitology Podcast celebrates curiosity, humility and failure. We speak with thinkers, rebels and innovators who pride themselves in not knowing.

If you're prepared to welcome new ways of thinking and also change your mind from time to time, join us not-knowers in the pursuit of secrets on the never-ending journey of not knowing.

Two Friends Asking Questions

The Infinitology Podcast is hosted by two not-knowers that met at university. United by their desire to realise how little we all know, they decided to speak with the people daydreaming of secrets left to be discovered.

Zahin Razeen is a passionate deep-tech futurist and United Nations Young Champion of the Earth.

On a quest to unravel the hidden intricacies of the natural world, Razeen founded Hydroquo and Quantum Polychemics to build a sutainable future for all.

Alejandro Serrano is an optimist who loves having to change his mind.

While working as a clinical psychology research associate, Alejandro co-founded uMore and I Speak Mental Health to explore and discover the mechanims behind the barriers to mental health support.

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